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Holiday Caravans in Ireland

In terms of size Ireland is certainly not a geographically large place, but the huge variety of places to visit makes it a great holiday destination. The isle of Ireland is made up of two countries, namely the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain. In Ireland, you will be able to experience the unique Irish culture, visit ancient castles, sip a Guinness at a pub and see some of the most amazing beaches and coastal towns in Europe.

Almost all of Ireland has been covered by a beautiful carpet of green hills and fields. However, the Cliffs of Moher are one of the most spectacular creations of the nature and is unlike other Irish landscapes. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Ireland. At the highest point the cliffs are more than 200 meters high and stretch across nearly 8 km of coastline. The howling wind, the circling seagulls and the roaring waves make the landscape highly dramatic and offer an unforgettable view.     Read more

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The Dingle coast of Ireland has been described by the National geographic as the most beautiful place on earth. The peninsula is 9 to 18 km wide and more than 45 km long. Cyclists, motorists and tourists will surely enjoy the number of highly diverse views. You can also visit the beaches which have stunning relics from the Stone Age and Bronze Age.

Northern Ireland is not as well-known as a tourist destination. However, the number of interesting places they can visit surprises tourists. The rich and sometimes violent history of Northern Ireland implies that no matter where you go you will surely be in a place where something important has taken place and a landmark or a historical building would be not far away.

Apart from that, Northern Ireland is a place full of stunning natural beauty. The rolling green hills and the beautiful lush valleys along with the powerful Atlantic Ocean which lashes onto the rocky coast creates an incredible sight that you will never forget.

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